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George Alexander McGuire was consecrated as a Bishop on September 28th 1921, in Chicago, Illinois, by Archbishop Joseph Rene Vilatte assisted by Bishop Carl A. Nybladh. This placed Bishop McGuire in apostolic succession. Archbishop Joseph Rene Vilatte was consecrated on 29th May 1892 by Antonio Francis Xavier Alvarez (Mar Julius I) Archbishop of Ceylon, in accordance with the Patriarchal Bull of Ignatius Peter III, of 29th December 1891. Ignatius Peter III (1872) was number 126 from Peter the Apostle (35 A.D).

African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (A.I.P.C.A) draws its apostolic succession through Archbishop William Daniel Alexander of African Orthodox Church Africa, of South Africa.
Archbishop William Daniel Alexander was consecrated by George Alexander McGuire (Alexander I) on September 11th 1927. This consecration placed him in the apostolic succession.

African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (A.I.P.C.A) is the largest indigenous Church in Africa and was founded in Kenya in 1920s. It has a following of approximately 1.8 million members with strong presence in Central, Nairobi, Eastern, Rift Valley and Coast regions of Kenya. Our Church is historically associated with struggle for the freedom of this country from Colonial Government.