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At the helm of the college leadership is the College Chancellor who is either the AIPCA arch-bishop or an appointee of the same. His primary duties include presiding over institution’s key events such as graduations, dedications, commissioning of major projects and college leaders. The overseer is also has an advisory role in the board and the teaching team and therefore sitting member of both teams.

Council Council

College Council comprises of officials mandated by the central board to run the institution. It shall serve for a period of three years before its reconstitution. Members of the College Council shall be eligible for office for two consecutive terms. This Council shall have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 9 members in one sitting. Those recruited to serve in this Council shall serve as follows;

  • The chairman
  • The secretary – The college principal
  • The treasurer
  • The chancellor
  • 5 members. Of these, 3 shall be women. The National chairlady shall be an automatic member of the board.

Further, possible candidates shall include individuals with an outstanding training and interest in the development of this institution. Those with previous experience in similar roles elsewhere shall have an added advantage.

Council meetings shall be quarterly. The chair will issue notice 21 days in advance. Those who miss three consecutive board meetings shall automatically be disqualified for sitting in the same in the future.

Council Chairman

The board chairman, who is appointed by the central board through the office of the Arch-bishop, is the one responsible for calling, setting the agenda and chairing the College Council meetings. Where need arises, he is the one to identify and recommend new members to the board. In his absence, he shall appoint an acting chairman to run the meetings

Council Secretary

The principal shall also serve as the secretary to the Council. Or the central board shall appoint, through the office of the Arch-Bishop the council secretary who shall perform the following duties;

  • Under the direction of the council chairman, call and circulate agenda of all council meetings
  • Handle and address all correspondence between the institution and other institutions
  • Keep custody of all institution’s critical information
  • Append signature to all official correspondence

Council Treasurer

The Council Treasurer shall be an appointee of the central board through the office of the Arch-Bishop. He/She must be a qualified person to fulfill the following duties

  • Ensure that there is proper financial forecasting to keep the college running
  • Ensure that proper procurement procedures are followed
  • Ensure that proper records of accounts are in place
  • Facilitate financial audit of college accounts
  • Propose remuneration guide-lines of college staff
  • Be a mandatory signatory to the college’s bank accounts
  • Present financial report at every board meeting
  • Head finance generating projects
  • Head staff recruitment panels
  • Prepare work contracts for all staff members

Council Members

There shall be five council members to strengthen the council and keep the other members accountable. Where necessary, they may from time to time be requested to represent the institution in important occasions. Three of the members of the council must be women. These too shall be nominated by the central board through the office of the Arch-Bishop. Members of the council may propose names of suitable candidates to the board for consideration.