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The college principal is an appointee by the College Board and one with the primary duty of making sure that the college runs on day to day basis. In this respect, he coordinates the teaching team and other college affairs. He also serves as secretary to the College Board. He is also expected to present progress reports at the College Board meetings for deliberation and approval. 

The college deputy vice-principals

To help run the college smoothly, the principal shall be assisted by 2 deputy vice-principals namely deputy vice principal academic affairs and deputy vice principal resources mobilization and management.

Council Chairman

The board chairman, who is appointed by the central board through the office of the Arch-bishop, is the one responsible for calling, setting the agenda and chairing the College Council meetings. Where need arises, he is the one to identify and recommend new members to the board. In his absence, he shall appoint an acting chairman to run the meetings

Deputy Vice-Principal – Academic affairs

The primary roles of the person – in- charge are but not limited to the following;

  • Advise the principal on academic programs
  • Identify and sit in lecturers recruitment panels
  • Approve and ratify courses
  • Moderate exam questions and grades
  • Head academic disciplinary meetings
  • Lead graduation functions
  • Host academic visitations

Deputy Vice-Principal – Resources mobilization and management

The primary roles of the person – in- charge are but not limited to the following;

  • Be the secretary of the finance team
  • Develop a scholarship fund
  • Ensure all students have paid their fees
  • Spearhead fund development and donor partner